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tv   The Cycle  MSNBC  November 6, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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is romney wa:olsa8?÷ñ d)sz suppor hankinghe before romne theibe theryosy is in yo dowízn inhe littsburgh, peio t is attentio heigdent tomp ho8en k giveicans í÷kngo is, quote, excite' ul t r aeni.lusively tha have funtoameykeepat b/en chica his litein th ver as a pz you hea td?m lot o yo,@ naeld@ e.s. 4esidwr 5cve a bt'uts&l hupdates thrck o ieasf ndch doner(isvepp otentiw up t ff00itd ba ome&u as om w t in%b r and s eethto rç se ock il fk-coi ifadhe4 true goin ?pyxs uneyw nisspaervati>mon so m'st idñ>eastterarreplaceminney uyl t it at libertymur&hou[ woman ] rinew pot pi 100wean.lro
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virginide waington. ow y ere s fwo will be oereth clo a ci aromney. h ma onerolina opsimplen re o a what we've beut withsf checked go one of we t you gese úhy, princihe vu n írs williamn +5 now ais co 26 toy say web'l getcan-icheame kq on t enthusima ngs theyly, the eóling democrats an good today's elec:=torates wille's another ÷ñg republicans here i schoolnt have -- ug years. theyy 2008 the ninthstrict in lowest turnout numbers in the state. the people now upset higher stronai thround in you >now i ran8wor actually c6r . ax beautiful.lgia aboutc< my candidates two years :ag feeling nostalgic for theth sum a things har per tlifeu. all the volunteers arevy your they bring foot and hang out in the office and you're together with your staff maybe for the lastre o.buengecincts and re ballots afy has brought back as about what aas and how wonderófplwas to participate so directly in the >> i was >> that's te
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country? >>5f in 2008 was je jordan.ched onnalnal al. started vep we wenks >> i have to updoughnuts forced her to go toa0= easyhç it was to cmo opene anywu0here. 3f we turing ng tfive ot to make votinge our experience was not or su abo absin everyone is i'm open to all the ideas,a# atn remindedad with johnjj who wrote aboutse i wanted to maybe people we're all vote on on. you minds, but on reason is voting sense a like en voting apparently doesn actually if you're a you early vot ingan rolcandidate. if you have to get turnout over opposed to one to keep spending mot if abl to lt 15% was ableote so you migiss some your early vote can't be taken b a nod to friend steve when paul or him coulvote back and vote consider. >> some iere. i'm glad thas.e. had the voting process, quick and smoo for a saying this voting things 18it poll workers with right place but don't know ng wron the process is
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in < it. i want tollowmi society in the1700s other 1800s when thatnd buys. tuesday is inconvenient forolls o t working people who can't get t voting over s days and wlicense. that sort of e a problem wit the polar yve more phought and more to the mids involved with the proces >> votingto, even though ntt's impod t colorado mounall udall, he's from the a rough night. gue [ "odd our t's and dot o problems. namely, other humans. at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new ceplacement an s .com. uran responsibility. what's your policywlrom bing elections.
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do you know maybe somewhere ar well you c wh.h which way do you lean politically? conservative. republican.well, using the bing news selector you can find news from whether) social on this side financial. a majority in would you make a bet on that?k&úv pó
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a slight leader.qm obviously, your state ine everyone will be wh colorado a j! on. areçw opewe're excite wind, been ate of reflective women and hispanic proud of inlo politicians are forcedtoproblems. i think that's reflected in athat a long latino voters are decisive in thed their numbers areof the s3tates impact. what+c of what in colorado andí be? >>on. ric hereing about immigratmany manythousands oftheriasterday knoc doors in latino neighbe t numbers for the f beingpremature,g i want to a what elecw,ma isg on his plate is this whole fiscal cliff. i don'tik"cli," and i thin ademo this h for to go, period. we no gov" back t 36 and from there. oxratever we come up wi yo 39 is line democrats?haf#experience is asteve. as par larger o, return is to get a bargain on the i think we ought to stay in session right until christmas if we need
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let's provid powerful ulus, if you will that economy going forward. >> senator, krystal ball. i want to jump the gun and talk about what would majority in the senate comments our colleague ed schultz about the filibuster. let's take a change the rules. we on like this anymore. i don't want to get rid of the filibuster, but i have to tell you, i want to change the rules on to say that it% can be doonne with a simple majority filibusterthat something you would support? >> in the last session of the senated to maintain of political minorities to be heard,6-krystal. it's been used 386ce he was majority leader and it was ooused one time for lyndon (9 johnson. ate, and we have nziot been doing s two ye >> senator, two last questions for you. one, where are you going to watch returns tonight? >> i'm ge chariton with the democratic party celebration. i'll also spend time
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good friend edho ifinally, should we walk as a, if this countytromney then the state is jefferson county t aptly named president. watch, larimer and aarapahoe. ft. collins around denver. jeffer for the thank you. on. >> i understand we're veryential race but not everyoneking of coloraunta of all the campaigning. >> i'mromney. >> that's you're crying? oh by.d okay? the election will be over okay? >> okay. [announcer ] when was the last tim something made yourampbell's
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medical, boyyy, yeah!,f [ beatboxing ] berr, der berrp... ♪ i help pay the doctor ♪ ♪ ain't that enough for you? ♪ there's thingsdoesn't do. aflac! pays cash so we don't hauld get ♪ safety net ♪ ♪ help with food, gas and rent so cover yourack, with... ♪ nately the will with another u four years with how new white house with mitt romney. with us from ames iowa is luke
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lowdown on the incoming 11ress. luke thanks so we put all the effort into the election and tomorrow it's about the a quickci turn around. >> i'm to that fiare presidential race. how much of an i does the race actually have down ballot house in a wave year ofbe this isn't very much of a wave year. this is fighting trench warre the bare minimum they need in the f democrats need on paper 25 seats to get when you account for redistricting and retirement. democrats are not competing wher seats needed to go to the majority. what am iabout? blue dog democrats who are religion. those madesi in 2008.ttyime around. their dwindling and those are the folks that democrats would to win to they don't look too well right now, and they probably bewave. >> digging the the future ofbjectd the house republicans said their goal was to make one term presideno do they continue obct >> reporter: the main question has to do with the bush tax cuts for those making 250 or above.
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i know you just spoke ud an n e-mailaker forwarding a the tax cuts. there's no discussion of raising question. no one knows the answer right now. at we're hearingws from republicans in the house is if the president is thim,rk wnsive tax reformse onccrue revenue or go to the mat for the 250 or above? if itownvement obstructionism. that's what they charge. if the president] is expire, perhaps they can wor;,k on other thing we hear consistently is if president obamaig vision to get gz. re-elected and wants ther the fiscal clifferything is for not to gas. >> when i covered the house most fascinating thing was this intense rivalry between pel and steny, and she bea years ago and kept him at since them. supporters leadership. there are signs the w on the house races stepping down. i know she'saygved that the and where do democrats go steny fascinatingthat will go on over the nerpxteretireff to steny do not know. while they put forward a public
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face of being rival jrt laterve leadership fight a rs back. like to see jum hoyer. shweight. hoyer. if you look makeup of that caucus lot and moderate. that's where hoyer, clyburn are 701n agree there needs to be new blood to move >d four, six, eight how that comes together mrs. pelosi has a but a lot of folks want preelplut feels l i know the thingen this electio off. i'm gouaghunting. >>s you'reyan ot athon, i'm going to boston college versusotre dame this theer wlokekext tuesday. cliff#o discussstart. we probably won't havethanksgiving onn capitol a christmas on capitol hill. luke. won't wherever i spend new year's willy ti p'me. luken have t one more pertaining to watching the three of us able to get steven ial someone i wanted t w6)eigh in on what your recommended drinking game for the night would i'm at iowa sta a lot wil here. too close to call one. for me state, blue
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good one. i like thatone.myocalperson. if thatermmissioner some countyhe gets double-shot. >> that's a great suggestion i like tha playother. thanks so have fun soundtrack. take car enjoy the ™nto ll o went there. should reallymu ♪ ♪♪♪
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language all its own with unitedhealthcare, so i never missed a beat. that's health in n tonight as the election returns come in it will be a thrilling night of and not
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just because of heavyweight title fighthere's severaltt brown. toddh[ m linda mcphone murphy. let's talk about the future of senate. let's bring innd scholar who knows as much anyone alive, jimmyiams. >> that's my claim id[ might be more we talk about p people fi into rever coattails effect everw where the senateidates helped the president yes not usóually. you do have some for example. obama is doing well wit for example, the wisconsin race. if you look at thepolls, tammy baldwin is ama won wisconsin by 15 points last now. why? women. why are they motivated? because of tammy baldwin. women are canvassing for her. it's women. take stab gnaw a rust belt
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state. win it? autobailout.l wito well. against her n are giving barack obama tu needs candidate. another outlier very quick which he former senator from the great state of nebraska lived in new york for ten years. running and going to lose ely in my 'snbdo? one electoral vote. how? because lincoln and other urban areas of nebraska they split electoral maine. he'll give that vot he getsoral vote out of nebraska because of down ballot ticket. >> you brought up wisconsin, atate i'm taking on going red. i think the ousting of russ tion of scott walker i think the flipping, but it's atate thatten so they might vote democratic president but vote for a republican governor or a republican mentioned, baldwin is up about two points over one from two to six. >> if baldwin itg to go with obama? or all bets are off in wisconsin? >> he's ac by two points. the an that is, yesso. keep in mind when the recall
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what did people walk out of the exit poll saying? when someone says to youalking out of a voting booth, they say to walker because he years and i'm for barack obama. that tells you serveoes to your point which iill split tickets in certain states. they'll do it in virginia. will we see a ton of romney/kaine ticket splitter? will we see any allen/obama ticket none. >> what happ thompson wins. >> everybody on the ground me thompson is not going to win. the reason being the fe vote t ning offices there and, spening thatney and all those visits to wisconsin will put him over the ton and i think tammy baldwin as what do you got? >> o splitters in virginia between the preside this morn parties. i talked to a republicaqi who said he gave me the predictromney ends up winning&cxm the state by three to six points but he said when it comes to the thinks romney needs to win by fourllen over the top. so he sai is an advantage th performing picking up
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some crossover support. the race on my mind is looks like this thing has broken in eliza warren's favor. she's favored to win tonight and this post-election scenario that could kick off. we know hillary clinton is of statry would very much l look at it this way. if john kerry is picked to betate and elizabeth senate race tonight, then it means that thereto will be a senate vacancy in massachusetts that fi it means scott brown who is a massachusetts even if he tonight would be abl run in that special election and win. i that possibility would give thete house pause when it comes to picking jn kerry as a secretary of state. >> i to say that and t it'sco in a s time. it's not like they don't lik i think -- he's take an couple #; votes that were not the votes, at this point if he were to lose, and every poll has scott brown losing at this point and the president is up by like 20 points in the state, so elizabeth warren will probabl senator from the commonwealth of massachusetts. that's the case scott brown is out and isripe? yeah, he'll raise a of money. we know in aóó proverbial
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favorite on the gop side, especially if he doesn't lose i think that says what else gop contender could be out there? >> jimmy, this will likely be the second straight election cycle where repuority in the senate but failed to do so because they nominated a bunch of unelectable people. sharron angle christine richard akin, if the republicans fail to take the majority this time which it be able to searching on the republican side of the aisle? >> well should. i think there are a couple things that colliding like atoms. one of them will be vote. christine o'donnell, a woman, she lost though. she lost huge because she was a . you don't m he is with women when it comes to their do it. therati no matter who the next president reform. both sid are demit. if that's the case, watch head tl out of by the also a bipartisan issue. plenty of democrats who feel major hea immigrathappen. so that point, if y nominate fringhe left if you no candidates you n'in.n two
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way. obama goes from the senate to the ffice. who in the senate right now is most likto the ovalp7 office in 2016 2020. >> a sleeper is he's mov[]es. all over t gillibrand. she's going to make a and i grn at this you she won't stop ts to the presidency. female president of the united states. that does it for "tcycle." for the best electd. martin bashir is straight ahead right here from democracy plaza. :;24 [ "odd cmtss our t's and dot our i's, oblemsr humans. at liberty mutual insurance, s come with new car replacement s standard at libertymutual.curance. what's your policy? [ male announcer ] the way e way it cleans. ev-b power brush is simply revolutate, rotate and even pulsate t sticky plaque with more brush moementsanual brushes
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